That Food Cray !!! for Urban Outfitters “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Season 1 Drop

Nothing brings people together quite like laughs and great food. That Food Cray !!! is all those things rolled into one !!! If you’ve followed us from the beginning, it all began as an Instagram account that drew heavy inspiration from music and hip-hop. It would soon become a huge phenomenon with a passionate community of people sharing tasty AF things and demystifying food from around the world. Guides to the best places to eat in the world and food puns aside, That Food Cray !!! is excited to launch its latest project, a new line of T-shirts and accessories !!!

That Food Cray !!! “Drop It Like It’s Hot” Drop 1 features five graphic T-shirts and a tote bag featuring a reworking of its OG Logo. The collection flips some of your favorite lyrics with the help of a series of hand-drawn designs. The collection is available now online at and in-store across North America.

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